Nice to meet you

My name is Daria, I am a pharmacist by education, but an instructor at heart, movement specialist, in love with sports and an active lifestyle (and for 10 years I have also been making others fall in love with sports!)

I was an instructor of active group activities for a long time: Zumba, Strong, Kangoo Jumps. But for the last few years, I made a sharp turn to a completely different type of activity — Pilates, Functional Training, Mobility, Stretching.

I never stop learning, so it’s hard for me to even list everything I’ve learned and continue to do, but briefly about my “universities”: Polestar Pilates (Mat course 3 levels), Gray Institute (CAFS + 3D training), Functional Patterns, Slings in Motion, Thirst 4 Function, Stretching Courses, Mobility, Kinesio Practices, T. Meyers Dissection and Anatomical Trains, MFR Techniques, Neurohealing and Brain Work, countless different lectures and practices, Fascia Work, Massage and Lymphatic Drainage face and body techniques.