Let us welcome you to the newest oasis for finding balance in life – the exclusive BalanSense studio in Sofia.

I had this dream of opening my own studio, back when I was only 17 years old and I had started teaching my first aerobic classes. Since then, I’ve taught thousands of classes in high dynamic Jane Fondas’ style aerobics, choreographed step, Zumba, compound gymnastics, stretching, PortDeBras, Pilates, etc… And when you believe in miracles and don’t give up on your dreams, mine became true. BalanSense is a special place for me, where you may find harmony, a sense of calmness and from where you leave with a smile on your face, relief of the body and balance in soul.

A sense of balance….. When was the last time you had that feeling….. Work-life balance; balance between what I need and what I want; balance between exercise and relaxation; balance with nutrition and diets……..and what not!

We live life, that now more than ever, needs us to keep the balance within ourselves, so it is no coincidence that our mission is to keep or return this feeling permanently by offering you not just training, but experiences that help you painlessly and calmly carry out your daily routines such as – running in the park, climbing with the children, lifting or carrying heavy loads, bending, lifting… With us, you will find a balance between strength and stretching trainings, we will make all parts of your body move, we will make muscles, that you don’t even suspect you have, to work…

And all this happens with pleasure, in a luxurious and pleasant atmosphere, with professional and smiling trainers.

With us, you can choose between group and individual training, each of which has its own advantages:

  • the dynamics and energy we exchange in group training and the friendships we create, sometimes become a necessary part of our daily lives.
  • In individual training, the coach has the opportunity to offer a program designed specially for you and to focus on your needs, which would also give faster, visible results.

If you are not sure which workout is for you, we are here to answer your questions and suggest the best for you. Our goal is not only to make you look, but also to feel good.

Will you trust us? Is there any balance you’re missing?