Nice to meet you

Sports have always been an invariable part of my life – figure skating, former sports aerobics competitor.. already at the age of 17 I started leading aerobics groups and girls’ physical education classes at school.

I have been a professional aerobics instructor since 1990. I have led classes in the style of Jane Fonda, Latin, funk. I can hardly list all my certificates, but some of them are for: choreography step, international PortDeBras presenter by Julio Papi and Vladimir Snezhik, Functional training, Zumba, Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Spine corrector and Wunda chair, Stretching at the school of Nissim Zoares, KipranJ, Yoga and much more.

I prefer styles with choreography in which, in addition to work for the body, a person is mentally unloaded and emotionally charged. Over the past few years I have been deepening my knowledge of human anatomy and incorporating more programs for proper posture, mobility and body flexibility.

Currently, I am completely inspired by the Pilates method and specialize in individual training both on the floor and on the reformer. All my 30 years of experience have brought me to a stage where I can use the accumulated knowledge and work purposefully to improve the condition of clients with limited movement, pain, trauma or tight muscles.

For me, the greatest happiness and payoff is to see the results and the smiling faces of happy clients!