PortDeBras Portdebras (from French “Port De Bras”, translated as “Position of the hands” in ballet) is a training of mind and body, part of the so-called Mind and body classes, which is basically a combination of kinesitherapy and ballet. It includes elements of ballet, pilates, yoga, contemporary, tai chi.

PortDebras is a system of exercises based on functional and dynamic stretching combined with hands work. The system is suitable for restorative and rehabilitative practices and training, including training for the mobility of spine and developing the musculature supporting the vertebrae of the spine. PortDebras develops the mobility of the joints, the strength and elasticity of the muscles, as well as techniques of movements. Portdebras enables us to use the engine system harmoniously and fully.

In Portdebras, the flow of movement never stops. It smoothly transitions from one to another, building a combination of movements that merge into one combination. Against the background of beautiful music, you can make the body move in harmony and the soul to dance.

Thanks to the relaxing rhythms, the coordination in the movement of the body and the sequence of movements, you do not feel how in an hour you have worked for the correct position of the body, for flexibility, endurance and for grace.

By practicing Portdebras you can perfect the body movement, wake up your mind and feed your soul.