I'm Georgia

Nice to meet you!

I really love my work but in order to preserve my mental and physical balance I decided to dive into the magic world of Pilates and offer to me and to my trainees the exticing experience of Pilates.

I have acquired my training and qualification in Pilates Mat and Reformer and attended training sessions in Wunda Chair, Barrel, Tower and Spine Corrector. Keep on attending courses because training is a life time activity and providing lessons as Pilates Instuctor.

Recently I have started my training in Yoga aiming to one more qualification and expand my knowledge in the world of wellbeing!

People say that it is the journey that counts more, but here the real magic is the destination. The physical results, the mental wellness and the satisfaction you gain when you have completed a pilates course, knowing that it is not just an activity but an effort to control your body, concentrate and bring quality to your results though a combined body and mind approach. It is amazing how much you think before you act and how much you check your results to assure improvement for next time.

I am ready for this journey and if toy feel so, you are fully welcomed to travel together to the beautiful world of Pilates!