Vinyasa Flow with Julia

This yoga class is a reflection of my personality – physical, mental and emotional; the way I see and feel life and the manifestation of miracles it brings us – every change is a small miracle, it all depends on the way we react to what is happening. Yoga is a path.

What can you expect from my yoga class?

We start with a short meditation, each practice is creative with original choreography, energy and dynamics – different. The poses /asanas/ are built both according to the strict rules of yoga and in their creative variations, often static, but always smoothly flowing like a flow, a dance.

Why Flow?

To reveal our inner strength, to learn to connect with our body, to “listen” to it, to get to know our hidden potential, with our personal nature, to expand it, to be soft, nourished and charged, to we move fluidly, flowly, sensually or with fiery energy, to upgrade, experience ourselves … to reinvent ourselves….

The art of flow – to add a little more of ourselves to ourselves