Nice to meet you

My name is Yana and I have been practicing yoga for 7 years, and for the last 3 years I have been in the studio as a yoga/yogalates teacher as well.

Through my Yogalates training, I help people feel and look good in their bodies, as well as find some peace in the midst of their hectic everyday lives.

We combine poses and movements for strength and endurance with therapeutic and relaxation practices.

I have additionally completed courses in Restorative Yoga after Pregnancy, separate trainings in Shoulder Anatomy, Hip Anatomy, Physiology of Flexibility as part of a therapeutic yoga training.

Even Aristotle once said that “Life requires movement.” In fact, probably many others before and after him have uttered phrases with the same meaning, but the important thing is that I am of the same opinion.

I am addicted to movement and I am often told that I cannot and do not know how to rest. But in fact, this is my way of relaxing, and some of you probably feel the same way: during training, you can take a mental break from everyday worries – while we strain our muscles, we forget about almost everything outside the gym, and no matter how tired we are, after practice we always feel more refreshed and charged with new life energy!

I’ve always played sports /a lot of different things/, but some time ago I discovered pilates and then yoga and found my place in the movement.

I am waiting for you, so that we may find yours together!

Facebook: Yanayogalates

Instagram –yanayogalates