Nice to meet you

I am a PR by profession, for a while I was a voice on several radio stations, after radio it was the turn for television, where I realized that I am talented, but incapable of manipulation and lies. Somehow, life led me to myself through different professions / incarnations / and so I devoted another 15 years of talent to real estate, in parallel, sport was an inalienable part of myself.

Before discovering yoga, I practiced various sports disciplines for many years: figure skating /as a child/, cross fit, fitness, all dynamic and muscle definition building activities, when one day “her Majesty the Pain” came and it was found that I had three discs hernias in the lumbar region and the prognosis was – a gradual loss of sensitivity and movement of the legs.

Yes! Pain is a great teacher and transformer of destinies and lives. This did not stop me or scare me, I knew in my heart that I would heal… My intuition led me to the yoga mat, although I was prejudiced, I felt resistance, mistrust… well, six years later a new person was born – healed, calm, balanced, strong, with an awakened soul and creative energy, today I am already Yoga teacher.

Yoga inspired me to create an original class – a combination of Yoga styles, reflecting the beauty of movement, the transformation that everyone who is touched by Yoga experiences and achieves.