Movement is my way of living – it gives me both care for my health, needed rest and steals time just for myself.

Through my Yogalates training, I help people feel and look good in their bodies.

Yogalates is a pleasant combination of yoga poses and pilates movements that aim to release the pains caused by a sedentary everyday life, bring peace to our mind, leaving stress far off the mat and charge our whole being with positive energy, hence we leave the practice vibrant and energetic, no matter how hard day we’ve had.

We train for endurance, for toning and shaping, for balance, but we also emphasize on stretching and some therapeutic exercises for the aches and pains caused by our daily life, spent sitting.

Yana devotes most of her classes mainly to relaxing those key parts of the body that get tight and suffer the most from our sedentary daily lives – neck and shoulders, spine and lower back. She loads pleasantly and lets the mind rest, while moving the body, then relaxes properly.