Pilates with Neli

The Pilates method is a way to discover the potential of your body and the power within you – balance of body, control of mind, delight for the soul.

In a Pilates class, we follow the basic principles of the method. Our focus is on correcting body posture, spinal health, strengthening and toning muscles, increasing flexibility, body shaping and strength. Improves balance and coordination.

We emphasize on the Pilates specific way of breathing to increase lung capacity and release tension from the vertebrae of the spine.

We work with an active “center” – we keep the deep stabilizing muscles active to strengthen the lower back, correct the posture and straighten the back.

Strength, stability of the body, mobility – these are some of the goals we achieve with the various movements. We develop flexibility, balance and coordination in every Pilates class.

“Pilates is magic” – let’s discover it together! In Pilates classes with equipment or simply Pilates, Swiss ball Pilates and Pilates Reformer.