Pilates with elastic band

Pilates – for the soul and body with love!

Release the stress of everyday life.

Improve blood circulation after the working day, not only if you have spent it in front of the computer, but also if you have been on the move all day.

Feel better, look better! Take care of better posture, correct it.

Release tension and pain in the waist and back.

In Pilates with an elastic band class, we use the band to:

More effective stretching of the side muscles, inner leg muscles, front and back leg muscles, upper back. More power for the hands.

More challenging performance of some movements – Roll up, One leg stretch, Shoulder bridge. More precise and controlled execution of some movements – The hundred, One leg circle, Spine Stretch, Spine twist.

With smooth, controlled, and balanced movements, we train several muscle groups at once. Tightening and shaping of the butt muscles. Mobility of the wrists, ankles, hips and upper back.

We stretch the inner thighs, the muscles of the front and back of the legs. We also work on balance and coordination.

After the Pilates class, you will be pleasantly surprised by yourself and what your body is capable of. You’ll leave the class feeling toned and energized