In my Pilates classes I want to combine all my knowledge into one.

Who is this workout for?

  • if you are sitting in the chair all day, in front of the computer;
  • if you are standing on your feet all day;
  • if you have recently given birth;
  • if you have a toddler and your waist can’t take it anymore 🙂
  • if you gave birth 10-15-20 years ago, but did not have any recovery of the body after giving birth;
  • if you are an active sports person, but you mainly do cardio or strength trainings;
  • if you have pain in your lower back, neck, back, hip joint, knee, foot, etc. more and more often;
  • if you feel that your posture is slouched or crooked;
  • if you want to breathe fully;
  • if you want to have an active, healthy and young body
  • if you want mobile joints;
  • if you want to tighten your muscles
  • if you want to understand what a pain-free life is;
  • if you want to improve your capabilities for a variety of training and daily activities;
  • if you want to restore the normal functions of your body

What are we going to do in this training?

  • I will use Pilates techniques, Mobility, fascia knowledge
  • we will use a variety of additional equipment: hard and soft balls, foam roller, elastic band, small pilates ball;
  • every class will have a topic, area, idea that we will work on
  • the pace is slow and relaxing, suitable for beginners
  • we will work on balance, on the connection between the vestibular apparatus and posture

In two words, this class is about restoring a healthy and strong body! I believe that every person can be active and young for many years 🙂