The most pleasant, calm and relaxing class ever….

This is not just a workout…. It is moving all the joints and muscles in the most careful way using many techniques from different disciplines!

99% of those who try this class, fall in love with it. You know what girls who do it most often regret? That they haven’t done it before and that they didn’t start coming to these classes earlier

Do you know why that is? Because it’s not a split workout, it’s not a muscle stretching workout, it’s a workout to improve joint mobility! This is a gentle stretch using the knowledge of fascia, fascial lines. It’s working every cm of the body from head to toe. Because if there is a tight place in the body, the whole chain up and down suffers.

How can we describe this class?

  • maximum careful movement of all joints. And that’s what every person needs these days
  • light and gentle stretching of muscles (without splits!!!)
  • interesting techniques for relaxing the body, for working with fascia, moving every part from foot to head;
  • we introduce something different in every class;
  • detailed explanations and personal attention;
  • and just great pleasure and fun